Hybrid Energy Spectrum Follow-Up Meeting
Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso
April, 2-4, 2007


This meeting is intended as a further step of the Karlsruhe Workshop held in February and will focus primarily on the preparation of the hybrid section of the Energy Spectrum note.
We will have two rooms available for the meeting: a seminar room (aula Pontecorvo) and a room with a large table (aula Segre, for April 2 and 3, aula Rossi, for April 4). All the rooms are equipped with wireless devices.
Temptative agenda:

Presentations at the opening session: here

How to Reach Us
To reach L'Aquila and the Gran Sasso Laboratory you can find all the relevant information here:  how to reach us

Wireless Connection
It is possible to use the wireless connection in GranSasso Laboratory. Please register to the following address before arriving to L'Aquila: https://www.lngs.infn.it/selfreg/lngs.php
Please bring your passport or identification document, to complete the wireless registration procedure.

Hotel Information
No hotel booking will be provided for the meeting. Click here to find the relevant information for two hotels  suitable for the meeting.


Dr. Fausto Chiarizia
Servizio Alta Formazione INFN - LNGS